About Us


The San Francisco Bay Area SHPE Chapter was founded on June 14, 1983 with the mission to fulfill the goals of the SHPE organization by connecting with professionals, students, and the community. We strive to make a positive impact by serving as role models in many areas such as professional development and student outreach. With the help of our members and leaders we have found new and innovative ways to address the needs of our Hispanic community.

Mission Statement and Values

We are committed to providing professional, educational and cultural support in the community and promoting educational development programs that advance our members’ lives and careers.


  1. Increase the number of Hispanics entering the fields of engineering, mathematics, physical and computer science, and other technical fields.
  2. Develop programs that promote the advancement of Hispanic engineers and scientists in employment and education.
  3. Develop programs benefiting Hispanics seeking careers in engineering or technical fields.
  4. Provide a forum for and to encourage the exchange of technical information, professional development, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  5. Inform the general public of technical contributions and achievements of Hispanics.

What We Do

Outreach & Community Service

Giving back to the community is important to SHPE SFBA. We are always looking for new ways to engage with students, parents, educators, and other members of our community. Some of our activities include visiting schools, giving workshops at local institutions, and establishing local student chapters at local colleges & universities.

SHPE SFBA Engineering Day at The Exploratorium

For the past 14 years, the Annual Engineering Day at the Exploratorium has been SHPE SFBA’s largest community outreach event. Each year, we offer free admission to the Exploratorium and design family friendly workshops, activities, and presentations that highlight the importance of STEM. For 2016’s event, 628 total guests attended with our flyer, comprising over 25% of the total guest attendance for the day.

SHPE SFBA at Exploratorium
SHPE SFBA at Exploratorium

Presentation on DACA, AB60, and Immigration Fraud

As we saw the changes happening in our government and new presidential administration, we dedicated a meeting to talk about the issues that may affect our community. An immigration lawyer and a representative from the California Secretary of State informed us about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), AB60 (Driver’s license for undocumented), and Immigration fraud.

Issues affecting our community
Issues affecting our community

Made with Code @ Google

SHPE SFBA partnered with Google to host an event to support the next generation of teen girl coders aged 13-18. During CSEdWeek, girls started with fun coding projects, including accessorizing selfies, animating dancing monsters, and creating Holiday Emojis. They also had the opportunity to meet and hear from women coders who are creating a better future.

Made With Code at Google

Noche de Ciencias

Noches de Ciencias (Family Science Night) – is a national initiative to promote knowledge and interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). The goal of Noches de Ciencias is to inform K-12 students and their families about STEM education and college options through interactive workshops and activities. SHPE SFBA regularly hosts events at local schools and organizations such as the SF Boys and Girls club.

Noche de Ciencias
Noche de Ciencias

Professional/Career Development & Networking

SHPE SFBA regularly hosts events to develop our members’ skills to succeed in the workplace. We have come to recognize that these events are some of the most valued by our members because they’re a great chance to interact with experienced professionals and to learn about new resources. Here are a few events we’ve hosted in the past:

Intel Professional Development Series Workshop

We partnered with Intel to bring the Intel Professional Development Series Workshop. The day started with registration and a welcome by Intel. The remainder of the day consisted of three different workshops lead by two great speakers, and a lunch. Mr. Raj Kapur started the workshop series with his “MakeMe1st” presentation, where he talked about how to positively work with others in your organization and reach your personal professional goals at the same time. Mrs. Rosie “The Closer” Zepeda gave a lively presentation entitled “Creating & Managing the Brand of YOU”. Finally, Mr. Kapur closed the event with his workshop on “How to Achieve Maximum Influence with Limited Authority”.

Intel Presentation

Networking Like a Professional

In an event hosted at Mass Mutual, we offered a workshop where members learned how to effectively develop mentors, meet high quality professionals, and to develop their own 30 second commercial for what they do and the service they provide.

Networking like a professional
Networking like a professional

Bay Area Bomba Blast

The SHPE San Francisco Bay Area & Silicon Valley Professional Chapters partnered to host a one-day seminar for students to improve career skills such as resume writing, interviewing, and navigating a career fair. SHPE SFBA professionals volunteered to conduct mock interviews and give presentations on valuable skills such as agile methodologies and networking.

Bomba Blast

Chapter Development

Our chapter couldn’t have won numerous national recognitions without the support of our members. We like to engage them in social activities to help form connections such as networking events with other organizations in the bay area, mixers at a variety of companies, and competitive sports. Here’s a few of the events.

Google Holiday Mixer 2016

SHPE SFBA joined Google’s annual holiday mixer at the SF Google Office. Other organizations, such as SHPE SV, SWE and NSBE, attended this great event of networking and connecting with other professionals in the Bay Area.


SHPE-SFBA hosted a potluck-style posada to celebrate the holiday season. This event was also an opportunity to give back to our community: attendees brought toys that were donated to La Raza Community Resource Center in San Francisco.

Bomba Cup

Every year, SHPE Region 1 hosts Bomba Cup that brings together students and professionals from mid to nothern California. Each chapter brings a soccer team of 10 players and compete against each other to win the famed Bomba Cup trophy.

SHPE SFBA Bomba Cup Team
Bomba Cup